We ask that your cat’s blood and urine tests be current within a month of radioiodine therapy. If your cat has started on methimazole or has had an increase in the dose of methimazole since the last blood work we will ask you to have the CBC (Complete Blood Count) checked prior to hospitalization. This is to make sure methimazole did not cause any bone marrow damage and that your cat is safe to come into hospital. We also strongly recommend pre-treatment radiographs to rule out heart failure or other chest pathology.This is especially important for any cats travelling long distances to see us.

For most cats, we recommend anti-thyroid medications be discontinued 7-14 days prior to therapy to minimize the risk of hypothyroidism. For cats with heart disease, seizures related to hyperthyroidism, have been on methimazole long term (years), or are aggressive or unwell without medications we will work with you to formulate the best plan for your cat. This may include partial dose reduction or a shorter withdrawal period.

Any supplements containing iodine should be discontinued 2 weeks prior to therapy.

Your kitty does not need to be fasted so they can eat a hearty breakfast before coming in.

Cats may benefit from a B Vitamin Complex injection and potassium supplementation prior to hospitalization, especially those cats with a history of muscle weakness or thyroid storm.