Your cat’s hospitalization

By law, your cat is required to stay at the clinic a minimum of 4 days and until he or she is at a safe and legal radiation level. We make every effort to make their stay as happy as possible.

Designing and building our new clinic from the ground up has allowed us to construct a space specifically designed with the needs of cats in mind.

We are very proud of our individually ventilated, multilevel cat condos. The soft grey laminate provides a warm and non reflective interior. Litterbox hiders allow cats to get away from their litter and provide more room in their main area. The cats love using all their levels; main floor, resting shelves, and being in and on the NapPurrs.  The kennels are fitted with doors specifically designed with cat preferences in mind; the lower half is a window of tempered glass and the top half is horizontal bars. Its like looking out a window with blinds partially drawn.

We’ve also built a separate room that houses an extra-large kennel which can be used for the extra large cats, or hyperthyroid siblings/housemates (yes it happens!) who are treated together. When not in use for those kitties, the room doubles as a one-cat-at-a-time-playroom. We’ve decorated this room to entertain and make the cats feel more like they are in a home. There is a cat-sized overstuffed armchair, multi level shelves on the wall so they can climb up high and a tall cat tree/scratching post.

Boarding cats will enjoy their stay in 8 foot long kennels – two 4 foot kennels placed side by side with a porthole pass through.

The cats drink filtered water from WA2, have a vast selection of foods to choose from, have a radio/CD player to play their favourite music, have opportunity for daily exercise out of their kennels and receive as much love (and catnip!) as we can safely give them. If you wish, we can play special music or CDs of your voice for your cat. Toys and blankets are welcome (but not returnable). If your kitty is on a special food, please bring a week’s supply with you so we can continue his/her regular diet. We can arrange transport to and from airports or ferries for out-of-town patients.

You may be understandably concerned about having your cat away from home. This time away is usually easier for the cats than it is for the owners. The long term health benefits for the cats far outweigh the worry of having them away from home. To help you adjust to his or her absence, we will call you daily to give you updates on your kitty’s progress. If you wish, we will post pictures of them on our social media sites so you can see what they are doing while here with us.