North West Nuclear Medicine was opened in 1996 by Dr. Tasha Kowalewich, a board certified veterinary internal medicine specialist, and her partner, Dr. Allan Belzberg, a human nuclear medicine specialist. Their goal was to provide this unique cure for cats in Western Canada. Since then, North West Nuclear Medicine for Animals has been curing up to 10 hyperthyroid cats a week.

In 1998, Dr. Teresa Hall joined Drs. Kowalewich and Belzberg and worked closely with both of them for over a year. After this time, Dr. Kowalewich gradually phased herself out of NWNM to pursue her love of clinical pathology. Dr. Belzberg remains as a nuclear medicine consultant.

In 2003, Dr. Sheila Rusticus joined North West Nuclear as the need for treating hyperthyroid cats continued to increase.

In 2008, Dr. Seantry Dean joined the NWNM team as the numbers of hyperthyroid cats needing treatment continued to rise.

In 2010 Susanne Destobel, RVT came on board so we could provide the cats and owners even more attention and care.

Drs. Sheila, Seantry and Teresa, and RVT Susanne work side by side to provide the best possible care for the hyperthyroid cats and their owners. This is our only job; we personally provide all the love and care to the in-hospital kitties.

We are centrally located on quiet, tree-lined Kootenay Street, just off Boundary Road and First Avenue.